The DENKnet logo and an animated, networked brain are displayed in a window with a black frame.

What is DENKnet?

Create your individual image analysis in a few minutes and with just a few clicks. Access all leading AI vision technologies with highest performance - the usage is always the same through a no-code solution. DENKnet takes care independently in the background about stability, performance and the right choice of technology.

In the IDS DENKnet software, the legend and the mouse pointer show what is possible.
A screenshot of the DENKnet software annotating a mother

DENK VISION AI HUB - AI Training for Everyone

DENK VISION creates an easy to understand access to AI-based image analysis. Create your individual application solution independently, quickly and easily.

Annotate image material and train your individual image analysis with just a few clicks. Start with only 15 images.

Just press PLAY!

Example: AI Image Analysis for Quality Control

Find out in detail about the possibilities DENKnet offers you in this video. We take you step by step through various application scenarios and give you an insight into how the system works. In addition, we use a practical example to explain how you can create an AI-based quality inspection with just 15 training images.

Deploy DENKnet

A collage of DENKnet applications, including OCR and classification.

How does DENKnet work?

1 Select the use case or AI vision technology

2 Determine the input with simple tools

3 Just press PLAY. The evaluation is created

4 Validate the analysis by using auto-prediction and simple parameters

5 Make decisions about what output will be the result

6. Use your individual analysis

Why DENKnet?

With only few pictures

  • High performance with just 15 training images
  • Own image generator
  • Self-developed „Few Shot & Fast Track“-technology
  • Saves time and money

Highest performance, technologically leading

  • All AI Technologies from literature and own developments
  • Integrated architecture search
  • Efficient solving of problems in highest quality
  • No-code solution

Easy to use

  • All AI technologies in a few clicks - No-code solution
  • Anyone can use it 24/7
  • Saves personnel and time resources
IDS DENKnet background in blue.


We offer additional services for the care, maintenance and optimization of your image analysis in order to guarantee a successful long-term use.

Get started with DENKnet!

You would like to use DENKnet for your project or try it out?

We will help you find the right AI vision solution. As a camera manufacturer, we offer you an all-inclusive package, from the camera to evaluation and support. Contact us for more information.