IDS peak is the ideal complement for your new machine vision applications with uEye+ industrial cameras. The entire innovative power of IDS flows into the free IDS camera software. It is perfectly matched to our hardware, allowing you to get the most out of your cameras and enabling us to offer comprehensive manufacturer support.

The Vision standard transport protocols GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® enable standardised communication with uEye+ cameras, ensuring greater compatibility, reproducible operation and stable data transmission in any application. At the same time, this maintains the flexibility and independence of the cameras.

IDS peak - GigE Vision - USB3 Vision

As a Software Development Kit (SDK), IDS peak includes programming interfaces and software tools necessary for operating and programming the cameras. Easy-to-understand convenience functions ensure an intuitive programming experience, quick and easy commissioning and versatile application options for your industrial cameras.

As a matter of course, IDS peak also supports your proven uEye existing cameras (match code "UI-"), which you can therefore now also use in combination with the new uEye+ cameras.


  • Easy to understand programming interfaces in C, C++, C# with .NET and Python with identical code base
  • Convenience features facilitate programming, reduce application code, improve readability and enhance camera application quality
  • User-friendly tools, such as the IDS peak Cockpit, simplify and speed up the preparation of applications thanks to configuration instead of programming


  • Various application interfaces (C, C++, C# with .NET and Python) for every use case
  • Includes many tools, such as the new IDS peak Cockpit, to set up your cameras even faster and easier
  • Many example programs are provided as source code projects for a quick start under Windows and Linux


  • Supports both the new standard vision uEye+ cameras (matchcode "U3-" / "GV-") and your established uEye cameras (matchcode "UI-")
  • Integrated image processing functions for frequently needed pixel operations such as debayering, colour and gamma correction, flipping and rotating image data as well as useful automatic modes
  • Extends FPGA-less low-cost cameras with additional features


  • Independent of specific cameras - IDS peak supports any uEye+ camera with any firmware version
  • Platform-independent source code architecture - all IDS peak libraries are available for Windows, Linux and Linux Embedded
  • Compiler-independent interfaces simplify the setup of the programming environment and increase compiler compatibility


  • Based entirely on the vision standards of EMVA (GenICam) and AIA (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision)
  • IDS peak updates include the latest GenICam specifications
IDS peak API

With GenICam as the camera interface, IDS peak has a standardised way to communicate with uEye+ cameras that can also be used by any other Vision Standard-compliant 3rd party application. With the uEye Transport Layer, IDS peak also supports the proven uEye legacy cameras (matchcode "UI-"), which can therefore also be combined with uEye+ models.

IDS peak components

For an optimal user experience, the platform-independent IDS peak SDK provides all necessary components from source code samples to transport layer, so that customers can start developing their own applications right away.


For the development of your own applications, you can select the programming language that best suits your project from several in IDS peak. Regardless of whether you prefer an object-oriented approach with standard C++ or C# with the .NET framework, use the convenience functions of the new comfortC API or want to do rapid prototyping with Python - all languages are based on the same standardised code base and simplify device access, memory handling and image acquisition settings. With many comfort and additional functions, IDS peak offers a quick and user-friendly access to application development.


IDS peak includes GenTL Producers for GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® that you can use for your application or 3rd party software. Even though you can use any other standard compliant transport layer for your standard compliant cameras, by using IDS peak GenTLs you benefit from end-to-end manufacturer support from the camera hardware to your application.


Especially our long-term customers benefit from our IDS proprietary uEye Transport Layer, through which IDS peak now also supports our trusted uEye cameras (matchcode "UI-") with GigE and USB2 interfaces in addition to the new uEye+ Vision Standard-compliant camera models. This allows you to use your current uEye cameras in new applications with IDS peak and also combine them with new uEye+ cameras.


IDS peak Cockpit provides you with a modern, intuitive graphical interface to evaluate cameras quickly and easily without having to program a line of code. In addition to displaying all camera parameters via the GenICam-typical node display, the IDS peak Cockpit provides you with a lot of practical image information and dialog-based settings.


Use the practical tools to automatically configure several cameras, for example. With ids_ipconfig you can query and configure the network settings of your cameras. ids_devicecommand provides information about all available camera settings via GenICam interface and allows you to configure them directly.


Use the existing source code samples for a quick introduction into programming with the IDS peak API. Learn how to easily find and open connected cameras. In just a few steps, you can implement a live camera application with triggered image acquisition. With IDS peak you can start easily.


The IDS peak documentation gives you a quick overview on how to create projects and explains the basic principles of the IDS peak API and the most important classes and functions.

The IDS peak Cockpit

Explore the power of IDS industrial cameras

With the IDS peak Cockpit you can capture first images in no time and evaluate our industrial cameras in detail. The modern and intuitive user interface enables extensive measurements and facilitates the comparison of different camera settings.

Equipped with many useful functions for working with industrial cameras, the IDS peak Cockpit has already become a popular and easy-to-use tool for many users - It's so easy!

Configuring instead of programming

Tools such as histograms, line and pixel views, colour and greyscale conversions, useful automatic functions and bandwidth management help you to optimally set up your uEye and uEye+ cameras for different application situations without having to write a line of code. All settings can then be saved in configurations on the cameras or the PC and be used again in other applications. In this way, the IDS peak Cockpit helps to configure an essential part of the application preparation instead of laboriously programming the camera parameters in the source code.

Analyse, annotate, document

Furthermore, errors or other special situations can be analysed in a systematic manner by measuring the image optically down to the pixel level. The Cockpit also has simple annotation functions for documenting special cases.

Customise the workspace

All parameters and dialogues can be filtered and placed individually in the IDS peak Cockpit to set up the workspace individually. Different workspaces can be created, saved and loaded in order to support recurring workflows in the best possible way.

Test the new IDS peak Cockpit and convince yourself of its versatile possibilities to make working with cameras easier. Your new favourite tool is already included in the IDS peak setup.


Do you have a question? You may find the answer you need here:

Is there a difference between uEye and uEye+ cameras?

uEye+ represents our industrial cameras, which are accessible via the GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® protocol standards and are therefore compatible with any GenICam-compliant application. uEye+ is our camera standard. This means that all new camera models and all new sensors are developed exclusively for uEye+. uEye+ cameras can be recognised by their model name. The match codes start with "U3-" for cameras with USB3 interface and "GV-" for cameras connected via Gigabit Ethernet.

We continue to carry many of our proven uEye camera models with USB2, USB3 and GigE interfaces in our portfolio whose match code starts with "UI-". They do not provide a vision standard compliant firmware and therefore require an IDS driver software to operate in a machine vision application. They can still be operated and retrofitted in existing applications.

But for new applications we definitely recommend the new uEye+ cameras and the use of the new modern software environment IDS peak. However, with the GenICam-compliant uEye Transport Layer from the IDS peak SDK, you can also use your existing uEye cameras in new applications with IDS peak and even combine them with new uEye+ cameras.

If you have any further questions about uEye/uEye+, please contact our sales team.

Can uEye cameras (matchcode "UI-") also be used in IDS peak applications?

Yes. IDS peak is based entirely on GenICam as the communication channel to our uEye+ cameras. But in addition to GenTL producers for GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision®, the SDK includes a special "uEye transport layer", which allows uEye cameras (matchcode "UI-") to be used on the GenICam base and to benefit from the many advantages of the new SDK.

Please note that in addition to IDS peak, the latest version of the IDS Software Suite (4.95 or higher) must be installed. For more information and to operate uEye cameras in IDS peak applications, please refer to the IDS peak manual.

When do I use IDS peak, when the IDS Software Suite?

IDS peak and uEye+ cameras represent our new developments we put all our innovative power into them. New software functions and new sensors will only be integrated into these pioneering products. Therefore, for all new customer projects, we exclusively recommend using IDS peak for application development with uEye+ cameras.

As an IDS customer, you can continue using your proven uEye inventory cameras (with matchcode "UI-") in new applications with IDS peak. This is made possible by our special "uEye transport layer", which enables them to be used with the standardised code base of the new SDK and therefore also benefit from the many advantages of the new SDK.

The IDS Software Suite, which is the software basis for uEye cameras in many productive applications, will be supplied and updated by us for a long time to come. There is no need to switch here. Even with extensions of these existing applications, we will provide you with available uEye cameras or compatible uEye+ models.

If you still have questions about which product line to use for your project, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Do IDS industrial cameras also work without IDS software?

uEye+ industrial cameras are fully vision standard compliant and can be operated via the GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® protocol standards. This means they work in any GenICam-compliant application without additional IDS software.

Our uEye camera models with USB2, USB3 and GigE interfaces (matchcode "UI-") do not have standard compliant vision firmware and therefore require IDS driver software to operate in a machine vision application. Our new IDS peak camera SDK includes a special "uEye transport layer", which enables the uEye product line to be used via GenICam and to profit from the many advantages of the new SDK.

What is the best way to start with IDS peak?

To learn about the basic features and operation of IDS peak and uEye+, we recommend the following videos to get you started:

A useful tool and reference during development of own applications is our IDS peak manual. There you will find a complete function reference and numerous code examples for the programming languages C, C++, C# and Python, as well as basic knowledge about uEye cameras, and model-specific tips.

For more information on how to use IDS peak and uEye+ cameras, please visit the knowledgebase and our IDS Vision Channel. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

I have been working with IDS Software Suite until now. What is the best way to switch to IDS peak?

As an experienced user of the IDS Software Suite, we recommend the following videos to get started and get to know uEye+ and IDS peak:

Our techtip "The fast way to the vision standard" describes how you can convert an existing IDS Software Suite application to IDS peak and run with IDS vision cameras in just a few steps. Using our migration guide "IDS sherpa", we explain how to adapt the programme code to use the IDS peak SDK. Reference implementations of various, well-known function blocks of the IDS Software Suite illustrate the use of the new programming interface.

For more information on how to use IDS peak and uEye+ cameras, please visit the knowledgebase and our IDS Vision Channel. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


All information at a glance – you can either view the manual online on this page or download it for offline use.

Camera Finder

The IDS camera finder helps you to find the right camera quickly and easily thanks to a wide range of selection options.

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