Software development kit for all USB3 Vision and GigE Vision compliant uEye+ industrial cameras.

IDS peak is the ideal complement for all uEye+ industrial cameras. The combination of the IDS software with the GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® standard vision transport protocols brings you the best of both worlds. Flexibility and independence of uEye+ cameras and complete software environment with seamless manufacturer support thanks to hardware and software from a single source.

As an SDK (Software Development Kit), IDS peak contains all libraries and software tools required for operating and programming uEye+ cameras. With an easy to understand "It's so easy!" programming interface, it simplifies the use of GenICam without limiting or bypassing its functionality. IDS peak thus ensures an intuitive programming experience as well as quick and easy startup of your uEye+ industrial cameras.


uEye+ identifies all IDS industrial cameras that interact with their environment via the standardised GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision® interfaces. They therefore require no special driver software for operation and are compatible and directly executable with any GenICam-compliant application.


  • "It's so easy!" programming interface
  • Convenience classes and features simplify programming, reduce application code, improve readability, and thus enhance the quality of your uEye+ camera application
  • Many example programs are provided as source code projects for a quick start under Windows and Linux


  • Stand-alone camera host software without dependence on individual uEye+ camera models or firmware versions
  • Free choice of application interface
  • All uEye+ camera features are also available in any other GenICam compliant application


  • Hardware-independent SDK for all vision-compliant uEye+ cameras
  • Platform-independent source code architecture - all IDS peak libraries are available for Windows, Linux and Linux Embedded
  • Compiler-independent C++ interface simplifies correct setup of your programming environment and increases compiler compatibility


  • Based entirely on the vision standards of EMVA (GenICam) and AIA (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision)
  • Latest GenICam technology
  • Compatible with any vision-compliant transport layer utilizing standards such as GenAPI, SFNC or GenTL
With GenICam as basic interface, IDS peak is completely camera-independent and standard-compliant. Application developers are free to choose whether they want to take advantage of the convenience, support and simplification of IDS peak.
With GenICam as basic interface, IDS peak is completely camera-independent and standard-compliant. Application developers are free to choose whether they want to take advantage of the convenience, support and simplification of IDS peak.

IDS peak components

For an optimal user experience, the platform-independent IDS peak SDK provides all necessary components from source code samples to transport layer, so that customers can start developing their own applications right away.

IDS peak SDK

The IDS peak Software Development Kit contains all necessary components to start directly developing your own applications. Object-oriented C++ libraries allow easy and intuitive usage of the underlying GenICam API and transport layers. Convenience functions simplify the abstraction level, e.g. device access, memory handling and image acquisition settings. As a manufacturer-independent SDK, it is compatible with all GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras.


Install the IDS GenTL producers for your application or 3rd party software built on the GenICam interface that does not provide GigE Vision or USB3 Vision support. The installation of the IDS GenTL producers is recommended for the use of the IDS Vision Cockpit.


IDS peak Cockpit provides you with a modern, intuitive graphical interface to evaluate cameras quickly and easily without having to program a line of code. In addition to displaying all camera parameters via the GenICam-typical node display, the IDS peak Cockpit provides you with a lot of practical image information and dialog-based settings.


Use the practical tools to automatically configure several cameras, for example. With ids_ipconfig you can query and configure the network settings of your cameras.
ids_devicecommand provides information about all available camera settings via GenICam interface and allows you to configure them directly.


Use the existing source code samples for a quick introduction into programming with the IDS peak API. Learn how to easily find and open connected cameras. In just a few steps, you can implement a live camera application with triggered image acquisition. With IDS peak you can start easily.


The IDS peak documentation gives you a quick overview on how to create projects and explains the basic principles of the IDS peak API and the most important classes and functions.

The IDS peak Cockpit

Explore the power of IDS industrial cameras

With the IDS peak Cockpit you can capture first images in no time and evaluate uEye+ industrial cameras in detail without having to write a line of programming code. The modern and intuitive user interface and numerous functions allow comprehensive measurements and facilitate the comparison of different camera settings and the definition of your optimal image. Save your individual camera settings and use them for programming your application with the IDS peak API. It's so easy!

If you want to test the new IDS peak Cockpit, first install a pre-release version of the upcoming IDS peak (included in this download package).


All information at a glance – you can either view the manual online on this page or download it for offline use.

Camera Finder

The IDS camera finder helps you to find the right camera quickly and easily thanks to a wide range of selection options.

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