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Automotive - Ensenso N

Automatic visual inspection system for die cast parts for the automotive industry

Defect-free cast components

Die cast parts made of aluminium and magnesium alloys are increasingly being used in the automotive industry since they ensure a considerable reduction in vehicle weight. Zero-defect quality at the lowest possible cost is an essential requirement for the cast components. Automation is therefore the magic word, especially in the areas of production and processing. A system from VisionTools Bildanalyse Systeme GmbH, Germany, with integrated image processing uses an Ensenso 3D camera to record the geometry of each individual cast component and check its condition and completeness.

Material Analysis - USB 3 uEye ML

Automatic quality control in car body construction in real time

Defects in focus

In the automotive industry, bonding has become a key technology that is increasingly replacing other joining technologies. Both engine and body parts are bonded, and for good reason: bonded cars generally perform better in crash tests than welded cars - provided the quality of the components and bonded areas is flawless. Modern adhesive systems have thus become a safety factor in the automotive industry. For manufacturers, the reliability of the quality control of industrial parts of all kinds is crucial, because defective parts due to non-conformity have serious effects on production performance.

Material Analysis - USB 3 uEye LE

Mobile system for testing composite materials with USB 3.0 uEye LE camera

Connected in quality

The combination of two or more materials often creates unique properties. Particularly beneficial qualities of the components can be emphasized and combined. For this reason, industry likes to use composite materials. However, the inhomogeneous structure of the material must also be taken into consideration. During machining, for example, fraying and chipping can occur on bores or milled edges. The portable optical inspection system from Math & Tech Engineering GmbH with an integrated USB 3.0 camera from IDS automatically detects and evaluates specific processing errors. This ensures better reproducibility of the measurement results and enables accurate documentation.

Automation - Ensenso N

Exact trimming of foam parts with Ensenso 3D camera

The final touch

For companies in the automotive industry, quality management and process management are of great importance. The conditions placed on original equipment manufacturers and suppliers are immense in order to ensure high quality and continuous improvement, waste reduction and error minimization. Particular attention is also paid to the interior of a passenger car, as it contributes greatly to the "feel-good atmosphere" for the driver. To ensure perfect seating comfort in the vehicle, manufacturers place correspondingly high demands on the foams to be processed: they must be adaptable and flexible, resistant and durable, but also have a good feel and appearance. But high quality standards must always go hand in hand with economic efficiency.

Automation - Ensenso N35

Bin-Picking application with Ensenso 3D camera boosts productivity

Recognised. Picked. Packed.

Short cycle times, little scrap, minimal stock-keeping - the factory of the future is networked and highly economical. An important component here is industrial image processing. A specialist in this field is Pose Automation GmbH based in Germany. This system integrator develops high-tech systems for machine vision and robotics. One example is a bin picking application for gripping catheters for veterinary medicine, equipped with an Ensenso 3D camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH.