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Laboratory automation - USB 2 uEye SE, GigE uEye SE

Laboratory automation solution with USB and GigE industrial cameras from IDS

Higher throughput

There is a growing need for automated solutions in laboratories, and the constantly increasing numbers of specimens and simultaneous drive to shorten process times are making robot-based analysis increasingly attractive in bio-analysis technology. This is also the case when it comes to automating high throughput processes. The Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) has developed a modular laboratory robot system to perform monotonous manual activities. The detection and analysis work normally carried out by humans is performed by IDS industrial cameras combined with LabView and state of the art machine vision technology.

Sports - USB 3 uEye CP, USB 2 uEye LE

Golf swing analysis – uEye USB cameras improve golf handicap

Hole in One!

A successful golfer needs to possess intelligence, farsightedness, and precision. And achieving top performance is largely dependent on finding the right swing. Modern video analysis systems for analyzing golf swing and putting are now considered a virtually indispensable component of golf training, even among amateurs. And, for professional golfers, they're nothing short of essential. The acquisition and provision of high-quality video files for movement analysis is a core component of the training process.

Documentation - USB 3 uEye LE

Criminals foiled by facial identification technology with 18 megapixel cameras

Case closed!

British company Acumé Forensic is renowned for its evidential identification services, which are used to help solve a wide range of crimes from fraud to armed robbery and murder. Reliable identification of potential perpetrators is crucial in solving these cases. The identification process traditionally relies on custody imaging (mugshots) or CCTV footage, and is often hampered due to poor image quality. And, for forensic experts like the team at Acumé Forensic, poor-quality source material leads to frustration. That's why this Leeds-based company worked with the University of Bradford to develop a pioneering technology for unambiguous identification, with the ultimate aim of fighting crime.

Embedded Vision - USB 3 uEye LE

Embedded vision solution with USB 3.0 board-level camera

The flying eye

Besides 3D and robot vision, embedded vision is one of the latest hot topics in machine vision. This is because without real-time machine vision, there would be no such thing as autonomous transport systems and robots in the Industry 4.0 environment, self-driving cars, or unmanned drones. Classic machine vision systems, however, do not enter the equation due to space or cost limitations, while the functionality of so-called smart cameras is usually very limited. Only by combining a miniaturized camera, a compact processor board, and flexibly programmable software can tailor-made machine vision applications be developed and embedded directly in machines or vehicles.

Elektronik - USB 3 uEye CP

First article inspection (FAI) by Norcott Ltd (UK) with USB 3.0 industrial camera

Right first time for PCB assembly

Getting the correct components in the right place is crucial for SMT PCB assembly and the latest IDS USB 3.0 camera technology is being used by contract PCB assembler, Norcott Technologies, to help automate the PCB inspection process. High resolution, high frame rates, a versatile software interface and future proof connectivity through USB3 were all reasons why Norcott chose USB3 cameras from IDS for its new, custom-built First Article Inspection systems.