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Your comprehensive manufacturer support from a single source

With IDS NXT, you benefit from complete manufacturer support provided by a single source. Starting with the idea of the application to the training of the image evaluation or the creation of the analysis workflow as a vision app up to the integration and execution in an intelligent IDS NXT camera in your plant - IDS is your first and only partner in all questions.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about IDS NXT

Can I also use training pictures from my smartphone?

Yes, you can also use images taken with a smartphone for the training in IDS lighthouse, as the import can be done via a simple folder storage.

In our Vision Channel webinar "How to evaluate AI Vision without camera" we show this use case step by step.

Can I create my own functions in the block-based editor?

It is currently not possible to create your own function blocks for use in the editor.

The C++ development environment IDS NXT Vision App Creator offers much more possibilities for the design of vision apps.

Can I run neural networks on IDS NXT cameras that were not created within IDS lighthouse?

Yes, this is possible for IDS NXT cameras of the rio/rome series, but they have to be converted into a suitable format. Neural networks on an IDS NXT camera are hardware accelerated by the AI-Core - thus they must be available in a special format. Neural networks trained with IDS lighthouse are already available in the correct format and can be loaded directly onto the camera. If you already train with Keras (with TensorFlow Backend), the conversion of network architectures such as MobileNet is possible with little effort. IDS provides special tools on request. If you need more detailed information or assistance with the conversion, please contact IDS Sales.

Can I use/import image data from another IDS lighthouse account?

Yes, image datasets can be exported via the "Basic Settings" dialog and imported in any user account.

Image datasets can also be "shared" with other users within IDS lighthouse. This enables collaborative work on the same data. To do this, use "Collaboration" in the basic settings of a dataset.

Do I always need a vision app or is a trained neural network on IDS NXT cameras enough?

To run neural networks in IDS NXT cameras, an application workflow is needed. A so-called vision app determines how and when images are captured and fed to the AI-based image analysis. The further processing and communication of the results is also determined by the vision app.

For classification and detection there are vision apps available. You only need to configure these with your self-trained networks.

In the cloud-based AI Vision Studio, you can also build your own individual workflows as vision apps for your networks using the block-based editor or the use case assistant. You can also evaluate these with test data before loading and executing the network and app on the camera with the IDS NXT cockpit.

Watch our tutorial video for app creation.

Do IDS NXT cameras support other communication protocols besides REST and OPC UA?

The app-based concept of the cameras enables the integration of additional communication protocols. The OPC UA Server Vision App is an example of such an add-on.

Via the Vision App Creator, users can create their very own communication channels. The technical article "EyeBot - Vision Guided Robot" describes this use case.

The video "Integration of IDS NXT in manufacturing automation" explains the possibilities for IDS NXT cameras to communicate with their environment.

Do the IDS NXT CNNs also run on any other camera?

The ANNs cannot be used with random cameras. IDS lighthouse was specially developed to train neural networks for image processing tasks that can be used with IDS cameras and software. IDS NXT cameras of the rio/rome series are equipped with an AI core developed by IDS, which performs the inference in a hardware-accelerated manner. IDS malibu models work with a special AI accelerator from Ambarella. IDS lighthouse provides the networks for the respective platform in the appropriate format.

How does the image processing from IDS lighthouse get onto my camera?

Connect to your camera with the IDS NXT cockpit. Then you can load and activate your trained neural network from the AI vision studio with a vision app.

If you have also created a vision app in IDS lighthouse, the procedure is quite similar. In IDS NXT cockpit, use the Vision App Manager to load, configure or delete apps.

How many vision apps can run one camera at the same time?

Multiple vision apps may be executed simultaneously.

However, only one vision app can be active that uses the AI accelerator of an IDS NXT camera to execute CNNs. If you want to execute several AI-based analysis steps in sequence, this is also possible in a single app. With the block-based editor in IDS lighthouse, you can easily build such sequences together.

How secure is my image data in IDS lighthouse?

Our hosting partner, Microsoft (Azure Cloud), works in compliance with strict security specifications and with a number of ISO standards, which means that your data is very safe.

It remains entirely your decision who may have access to your data. For additional information on the use of IDS lighthouse with the hosting provider, please see our Terms of Use.

I am not sure if my application is solvable with IDS NXT. Can I test it before I buy it?

Yes, even without any hardware and without any special knowledge about AI, image processing or application programming. All you need is access to our cloud-based AI Vision Studio IDS lighthouse, which you can also use for one month without any restrictions and free of charge.

Our Vision Channel webinar "How to evaluate AI Vision without camera" demonstrates exactly this use case with examples. By following this procedure, you can evaluate your own task independently and see from the results whether the investment in AI Vision hardware is profitable for you.

I can't upload the created image processing application to my IDS NXT camera? What could be the reason for this?

Maybe the camera firmware is not compatible with the version you built your vision app against in AI Vision Studio. Updating the camera firmware might help. To the latest camera firmware

You can both check the firmware and update it right away via the IDS NXT cockpit.

If you still have problems with it, our support team will be happy to help you.

My use case is not listed within the application assistant. What can I do?

The use case assistant creates simple vision workflows that you can use to test and run your classification, detection, and anomaly networks in an already basic way.

To realise your own individual workflow, you can further develop the assistant app in the block-based editor or completely start there from scratch according to your wishes.

Alternatively, it is also worth taking a look at our online marketplace visionpier. There you will find turnkey solutions, also for IDS NXT.

On how many cameras can I run my created vision app?

You can use the vision apps created in IDS lighthouse on any number of IDS NXT cameras without additional runtime license costs or technical restrictions.

The only costs include the all-in user license of the AI Vision Studio and the cameras.

Look up

You are looking for a quick start guide or want to specifically read up on how the IDS NXT system components work.
Then you will find what you are looking for in our IDS NXT manuals.

Make your own picture

In our Machine Vision channel you will find many helpful videos about the possibilities and features of the IDS NXT AI package - from Deep Learning Basics to the realization of AI applications like object detection to the integration of IDS NXT into factory automation. Our video content is continuously expanding. Follow the channel to be the first to know about new videos in the future!

Solve tasks close to the application

The use case assistant helps you to start your solution. You want to find, count, sort objects or evaluate characteristics to categorize products or even sort out defective parts?

Simply choose one of the ready-made use cases that best fits your project. The use case assistant supports you at the start of development with simple queries and tips, creating all the necessary application components as a project in IDS lighthouse.

Vision App Source Code Examples

You want to design completely own image processing applications in form of vision apps with the deep ocean AI accelerator using the Vision App Creator SDK? On Github you will find suitable C++ source code examples for a quick start into platform-open programming of IDS NXT rio and rome cameras.


IDS NXT Experience Kit

The IDS NXT Experience Kit already contains all the necessary components to realise your own AI vision applications and bring them into the field.

In addition to a 6-month licence for the use of IDS lighthouse, an IDS NXT rio camera with 1.6 MP Sony colour sensor, a Gigabit Ethernet cable as well as power supply, tripod adapter and a high-quality 16 mm IDS lens are included. With this kit you are ready to go and can start right away with the Quick Start Guide.