CO2 neutral uEye camera family

Climate Neutral Camera Family

"Since IDS has set itself the goal of looking at and improving particularly critical positions of CO2 emissions year after year, it was now time to focus on one of our products. We were able to discover a large savings potential in our own fleet of vehicles and the arrival and departure of our employees. In this way, we will continue to pursue the project of environmental protection in the future", explains quality and environmental management representative Sebastian Liepe.

Unfortunately, some emissions - caused, for example, by supply channels in the unavoidable global procurement of electronic components such as image sensors - cannot be avoided. The CO2 equivalents calculated from this - multiplied by the number of cameras sold in the series mentioned - were offset in November by the First Climate project "Efficient Cooking Stoves in Uganda". The aim of the project is to promote and support the spread of energy-efficient cooking cookers in Uganda. As a result, less smoke harmful to health is produced and deforestation is reduced. In comparison to traditional open fires, the new metal cookers also allow fuel savings of 35 to 50 percent - a significant cost saving for households. By supporting this project, our uEye CP camera family can call itself "climate neutral"!

Of course, reducing the CO2 footprint using a camera series can only be one aspect of a responsible and holistic sustainability strategy. For this reason, the further reduction of the company's own CO2 emissions is at the top of our agenda for the coming year, with the aim of making the entire company climate-neutral by the end of 2021.