Get started now: IDS NXT Experience Kit design-in kit

All you need – a complete package for AI industrial vision applications

Inference allows tasks to be solved automatically that rule-based image processing could not solve at all or only with great effort. This enables completely new applications. With the IDS NXT Experience Kit design-in kit, you get all the components you need to create, train and execute your individual neural network.

The package includes both the necessary hardware – in the form of an IDS NXT rio industrial camera with 1.6 MP Sony colour sensor including power and data cable as well as tripod plate and lens – and a six-month IDS lighthouse license to access the required software.

This means you can:

  • Record training Images
  • Label the images according to your application
  • Create your individual neural network
  • Integrate your inference camera into a productive environment
  • Perform AI-based image analysis / apply inference