Pick and place with IDS NXT

AI Vision enables pick and place without PC

Artificial intelligence and cameras (AI Vision) enable innovative, exciting approaches to solutions. The German software company urobots GmbH from Pforzheim has developed a novel, intelligent robotics application that uses an IDS NXT camera not only to keep production tidy and save costs. The highlight is that the pick-and-place application makes the PC superfluous.

The camera communicates directly with the robot. "The complete image processing runs on the camera and the robot communicates directly with it," explains Alexey Pavlov, Managing Director of urobots GmbH. The communication is Ethernet-based. This is made possible by a Vision App developed with the IDS NXT Vision App Creator that uses the IDS NXT AI core. The app enables the robot to directly implement the image information provided by the camera and to immediately localise pre-trained (2D) objects.

For example, tools that lie on a plane can be gripped in the correct position and placed on a designated place - vividly illustrated in the video.

The PC-less system offers users enormous advantages: it saves costs, space and energy.