Setting standards: uEye SE cameras with 4th generation Pregius sensor

Cameras with 20.35 MP Pregius S Sensor from Sony now up for order

The high-performance, extremely high-resolution Pregius S sensor IMX541 is now available for order in our uEye SE camera family. The 20.35 MP industrial cameras are equipped with a USB3 interface (SuperSpeed USB, 5 Gpbs), deliver 20 fps and are available both as board camera variants and with a robust metal housing.

Pregius S - the fourth generation of extremely powerful CMOS image sensors from Sony - makes BSI technology ("Back Side Illuminated") available for the first time in global shutter sensors. The advantages are smaller pixels (only 2.74 µm, which enables a significantly higher pixel density), higher resolution and also improved quantum efficiency and sensitivity. The result? Outstanding image quality which is now setting new standards in demanding machine vision applications. In many applications, the high resolution replaces previously necessary multi-camera setups. Due to its square format, the IMX541 is also ideally suited for microscopy and life science purposes.

Although the sensor delivers impressive 20.35 MP, it is only 1.1 inch in size. This means that it is compatible with C-mount lenses - a cost advantage over similar high-resolution, but large-format sensors that typically require F-mount lenses. Technical details of the cameras and suitable accessories can be found in our webstore.