Release Notes IDS NXT cockpit 2.3


These release notes describe the changes in IDS NXT cockpit 2.3. This version of the IDS NXT cockpit supports Windows 10 version 20H2.

Note: The IDS NXT cockpit 2.3 cannot be used to operate an IDS NXT vegas camera. Use the IDS NXT Cockpit 1.2.4 instead for the IDS NXT vegas models.

IDS NXT cockpit 2.3.0

New and changed functions

Note: With version 2.3, the default installation path changes. If you do not change anything, the IDS NXT cockpit will now be installed under "C:\Program Files\IDS\ids_nxt_cockpit".

Crawler application in the IDS NXT cockpit

The previously divided Crawler application (host application on the PC and vision app on the camera) has been completely integrated into the IDS NXT cockpit. This makes the use of the vision app on the camera obsolete. You can start Crawler directly in IDS NXT cockpit and configure all settings to save images. You can also define one or more ROIs in Crawler and save them with class names for classification.

New ROI manager

A ROI manager is introduced for saving and editing multiple ROIs (region of interest). The ROI manager is available via the IDS NXT framework in the vision apps, e.g. in the vision app "Classifier". You can define several ROIs, assign names to them, and edit the size and position of a ROI. Using the ROI grid generator, you can quickly create ROIs in a fixed grid. In addition, you can export or import the ROI configuration as an XML file.

FTP client

You can activate an FTP client in the camera. This allows you to transfer images of a detection or classification to an FTP server, for example. To use this functionality in the vision apps, you must configure the corresponding settings for the FTP client in the network settings of the camera.

If you have activated the FTP client, you will see the status of the FTP server in the settings of the vision apps "Classifier" or "Object Detector". In case of a transfer, the images are stored in a subdirectory with the name of the respective vision app.

Digitaler zoom

You can now zoom in or out of the displayed image in the IDS NXT cockpit.. The zoomed image is used for display in the IDS NXT cockpit, there are no changes in the camera settings. When you save the image, the entire full image is saved and not just the zoomed detail.

Note that you cannot create ROIs in a zoomed image display.

SSL certificates

You can upload an SSL certificate (self-signed or CA-signed) to the camera to establish a secure connection between the host PC and the camera. As of version 2.3, you can now also upload SSL certificates in the IDS NXT cockpit or display the current certificate.

General improvements

  • A "Highlight" tab has been added to the vision apps "Classifier" and "Object Detector" for improved result display.
  • For better readability, the texts of the vision app result display have been enlarged.
  • The behaviour of the IDS NXT cockpit has been improved so that, for example, the effects on camera performance are not as severe.
  • Optimization of setup and individual graphical elements in the IDS NXT cockpit.
  • When the camera temperature rises and enters the warning range, a message is displayed.

Status: 2021-11-05