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Aerospace - USB 2 uEye XS

Mission Mars

Is Mars really so hostile to life, or could some organisms from Earth survive even under such conditions? Scientists at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)'s Institute of Planetary Research are looking into the question. On board the mission is a USB 2.0 industrial camera from IDS.

Laser - USB 2 uEye SE

Easy setup

ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech based in Starnberg develops and manufactures laser-supported systems for the production of small parts, micro parts, and parts in the micrometer range. The company offers a desktop laser marker called EasyMark which is a really compact system to engrave metal or plastic parts in DIN A4 format up to a height of 120 mm.

Documentation - USB 2 uEye XS

The seventh sense in the service

A picture is worth a thousand words: true to this motto, the company Knapp located near Graz (Austria) developed an audio-visual support system that provides faster troubleshooting e.g. in case of malfunctions or maintenance work.

Orthopaedics - Ensenso N10

Where the shoe pinches

Foot impression foams are made of biologically harmless, non-resilient material that orthopedists use to detect and analyze malpositions of feet. The company Paromed has now developed a portable complex 3D full foot scanner based on this method. An Ensenso stereo camera N10 supports therein the accurate 3D measurement of feet to create comfortable shoe insoles.

Measurement Engineering - USB 2 uEye LE

Watch your plants grow

The light section method is a widely used method in 3D measuring technology. This method is very precise, insensitive to external light, and also suitable for mobile solutions. The company Phenospex has now developed a 3D scanner based on this method, which offers fully automated measurement of plant height and volume. This technology can be used, for example, to assist research in the area of plant breeding, or to help make industrial plant production more efficient.