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Medical - USB 2 uEye XS

USB camera from IDS supports management of sterile goods

Surgical instruments are subject to strict rules concerning their use in the operating room through sterilization to disposal: They must be collected and maintained throughout the process. Therefore, data technology company IBH from Kassel uses both their quality management software EuroSDS as well as the USB 2.0 industrial camera XS from IDS. It replaces a standard digital camera directly at the so-called packing station and ensures that the entire process becomes simple and easy to use.

Robotic - Ensenso N10

Stereo 3D camera helps robots get to grips with bin picking!

The ability to accurately detect the precise position of unsorted parts is essential for reliable bin picking by robots. The Ensenso stereo 3D camera from IDS represents a solution for 3D image capture that is impressively precise, cost-efficient and fast. The German company bsAutomatisierung GmbH is using the new options available with this camera to achieve some seriously speedy bin-picking solutions.

ITS - Intelligent Traffic Systems - GigE uEye RE

Radar and vision help prevent collisions

A recent case study written by Dave Wilson and published in the September issue of Vision Systems Design explains how combining machine vision with radar enables race drivers to visualize events behind their cars at a glance.

Documentation - GigE uEye CP

High speed image acquisition for science and biology with on the fly image analysis

Genika trigger is an image acquisition application that analyses frames on the fly to save only those that are interesting. This unique feature allows long duration runs, spares disk space and reduces the processing hassle.

Automotive - USB 2 uEye LE

Sparkling results - Non-contact measurement of clearances and offsets on car bodies

In automotive production, accuracy is critical – no gap can be too wide and no offset too large. As a result, measuring instruments are required that deliver unambiguous results and leave no traces on the body paint after testing.