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  • 4200 x 3120
    13.10 MPix
  • onsemi AR1335
    1/3.2" CMOS
  • 20.0 fps
  • USB 3 5.0 Gbps

Automatically perfect images and videos even with changing object distances or difficult lighting conditions? No problem for the compact uEye+ XC autofocus camera. It is equipped with the 13.10 MPix CMOS sensor AR1335 from onsemi. The rolling shutter colour sensor (4200 x 3120 px, pixel size 1.1µm) delivers 20.0 fps and ensures true-to-detail images. Thanks to BSI ("Back Side Illumination") pixel technology, the AR1335 excels not only with excellent low-light performance but also with low pixel noise. The USB3 camera was specially developed with industrial requirements in mind and also offers useful functions such as 24x digital zoom, auto white balance and colour correction. This closes the gap between an industrial camera and a webcam.

All that is needed to use the camera is a single cable connection. In addition, it is GenICam-compliant and thus compatible with our modern software SDK IDS peak.

With its practical die-cast magnesium housing, low weight and screwable USB Micro-B connector, the autofocus camera can be used in a variety of ways in both industrial and non-industrial areas. These include, for example, analysis tasks in the laboratory and diagnostics, use in kiosk systems, logistics and robotics applications.

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You would prefer the UVC protocol (USB Video Class) instead of a USB3 Vision? Then you will find the right model for your application here.

Item number
  • U3-36L0XC-C: AB03281
Camera family XC
Interface USB 3
Interface-Speed 5.00 Gbps
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor manufacturer onsemi
Frame rate @ resolution max. 20.0 fps
Resolution (h x v) 4200 x 3120
Optical Area 4.620 mm x 3.432 mm
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Optical class 1/3.2"
Resolution 13.10 MPix
Pixel size 1.10 µm
IP code IP30
Sensor model AR1335
Product Life Cycle Series
Data sheet


100% quality tested
Software support for uEye+
USB3 Vision standard
SuperSpeed USB
5 Gbps
CMOS sensor
Colour correction in camera
3 years warranty
Made in Germany



UL listed
ChinaRoHS EFUP 25
Medical technology (and laboratory automation)

Image processing is indispensable in medical technology. For instance, IDS cameras provide data for diagnostic purposes in ophthalmology or dentistry.

Barcode reading

In addition to process automation and logistics, IDS cameras also reliably recognize barcodes in other industries.


Imaging systems can be found e.g. in self-checkout systems and reverse vending machines and provide support for shelf inspection.


Cameras are indispensable in the logistics sector - e.g. for (de-)palletizing tasks, sorting tasks or in autonomous vehicles.

Pharma and healthcare

By using cameras, it is possible to check e.g. whether packaging is correctly filled and printed or whether there are any impurities.

Kiosk systems

IDS cameras are used in self-checkout systems as well as in reverse vending machines and ATMs.


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