Vision Standards

Machine vision interface standards

The market for digital image processing has evolved. The certified machine vision standards of the AIA (Advanced Imaging Association) and EMVA (European Machine Vision Association) are becoming increasingly important in system design. They unify the interaction of components from different vendors and enable the implementation of applications and frameworks that are simple, universal, low-maintenance, and thus cost-efficient.

Besides the IDS Software Suite, IDS cameras support the GenICam-compliant standard transport protocols GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision®.

IDS Software Suite or Vision standard? It’s your choice!

IDS is the only camera manufacturer who offers the free choice between the Vision standard and a proprietary solution – our established IDS Software Suite.

GigE Vision standard

GigE Vision industrial cameras

GigE Vision is a global interface standard for industrial cameras which is based on the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol. With GigE Vision, you can implement fast image transfers over large distances with standard Ethernet cables. Our GigE Vision cameras are compatible with any image processing software that supports the GigE Vision standard. They can be put into operation immediately without special drivers.

IDS peak provides you a complete software support to put your Vision camera in operation quickly and easily.

More information on GigE Vision can be found on the AIA website:

USB3 Vision standard

USB3 Vision standard as industrial-suited camera interface

With the USB3 Vision standard USB 3.0 becomes an industrial-suited camera interface with defined connectors and cables. Due to the high bandwidth, simple use, and cost-effective peripherals of USB 3.0, USB3 Vision cameras are suited for both industrial and consumer applications. Like GigE Vision cameras, they can be used with USB3 Vision compliant image processing software without special drivers like IDS peak.

More information on USB3 Vision can be found on the AIA website:


GenICam™ stands for "Generic Interface for Cameras". Available for IDS industrial cameras

GenICam™ stands for "Generic Interface for Cameras" and provides a standardized, manufacturer-independent programming interface for the control and image acquisition of industrial cameras. GenICam is independent of the interface technology used (like e. g. GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, or USB 2.0). In GenICam, the three modules GenTL, GenAPI and SFNC exist.

The SFNC (Standard Features Naming Convention) ensures a uniform naming of the camera functions. So, you can easily use it without a detailed study of the function documentation.

The GenApi (GenICam Application Programming Interface) enables the description and interpretation of the complete camera functionality via a XML configuration file which is provided by the camera. An application automatically has complete access to all camera features.

GenTL (GenICam Transport Layer) defines a general interface for connecting the camera and controlling the image capture independent of the interface technology used.

GenICam is maintained and developed by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA). More information on GenICam can be found on the website