IDS Camera Manager

You can manage all your IDS cameras in the IDS Camera Manager – irrespective of whether they are USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or GigE cameras. When you select expert mode, the camera manager provides you with detailed information on the cameras. The camera list shows you at a glance whether a camera is free and therefore available, or whether it is currently in use.

Using the "ETH network service" feature, you enable the network adapter for use with GigE uEye cameras. You assign the network adapter a fixed IP address here, which you use to operate GigE uEye cameras. You can also set up the cameras easily using automatic network configuration or you can configure them manually.

The additional features provide you with access to special functions, which allow you to enable boot boost, for example, or configure the serial interface (depending on the camera model).

The IDS Camera Manager is available in German and English as well as in 14 other languages. It is included in the free IDS Software Suite.