IDS Software Suite

Our software works seamlessly across all interfaces, because we don't set limits on ourselves either.

One software package for all IDS uEye cameras!

IDS Software Suite is a free software package that is exactly the same for all IDS cameras and can easily handle a mixed operation of USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and GigE uEye cameras. Besides the camera drivers, it includes a range of other applications:

IDS Camera manager to manage IDS industrial cameras - part of the free IDS Software Suite
The IDS Camera Manager is a central and straightforward tool for managing all your IDS cameras.
uEye Cockpit: capture images and videos with IDS uEye industrial cameras
The uEye Cockpit provides access to all major camera settings and features. You can also capture images and videos or configure a stream.
uEye Sample programs in .NET, C, C#, Visual Basic
Sample programs in different programming languages, such as .NET, C, C++, C#, or Visual Basic, demonstrate the integration of the IDS camera using the source code.
uEye Interfaces for imaging processing libraries: HALCON, LabView
uEye interfaces offer support for the most popular imaging processing libraries, such as HALCON, LabVIEW, Common Vision Blox, NeuroCheck, and many more.
uEye Hotpixel Editor: define your own hot pixels in the IDS machine vision camera
The uEye Hotpixel Editor enables you to define your own hot pixels in the uEye camera in addition to those detected during the factory calibration.
The free IDS Software Suite for Windows and Linux for all uEye machine vision cameras

IDS Software Suite is available in Windows and Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and offers OpenGL support (as long as the graphics hardware is compatible with OpenGL) as well as Direct3D support.

All necessary drivers are only loaded into the camera after it has been connected. Thus, the functionality is enhanced by software updates, even for uEye cameras that are already installed. This is due to the fact that IDS Software Suite is downward compatible.