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The NXT level of image processing

Quick, economical and without prior knowledge

A growing plant is recognised by an IDS NXT camera.

Anyone can use AI!

You need a system that enables you to get started with Embedded and quickly integrate it into an application without special knowledge? We've got you covered!

Making Deep Learning as accessible as possible for image processing applications - that is the philosophy of IDS NXT.

The complete AI system consists of intelligent cameras and a unique software environment. The key component is the versatile AI vision studio IDS lighthouse. The system supports users in all steps of application development, from capturing training images to actual execution. This means that AI vision is no longer a topic only for image processing specialists and programmers, but can actually be used by everyone. And without any (prior) knowledge of Deep Learning, image processing or programming!

The 3 steps for an IDS NXT workflow are shown in boxes: Train, Build, Perform.

Intelligent image processing for all industries

From industry and medicine to retail, logistics and smart farming: IDS NXT creates a new ease of entry into embedded vision that was previously the sole domain of programmers. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process machine vision tasks "on-device" and evaluate images themselves. In addition, they are able to communicate with machines and controllers via their interfaces and can therefore trigger subsequent processes. The range of applications is determined by neural networks and apps that are loaded onto the cameras and executed there, just like on a smartphone. Consequently, the functionality of the models can be changed at any time. This allows you to, for example:

  • Improve visual inspections and quality controls
  • Ensure workplace safety
  • Optimise production output
  • Support logistics processes
  • Automate production of small batches

This is what IDS NXT is used for

Object classification, object detection and anomaly detection: IDS NXT offers an enormous variety of applications and very flexible uses. This is especially true for scenarios with highly varying objects and processes that are difficult to map with hard-coded image processing applications.

Count objects
Determine presence/absence
Check OK/NOK status
Categorise test points
Control quality
Find anomalies

Save time and money with AI vision and our know-how

Frees up personnel capacities

Your employees are tied up by frequently occurring and monotonous tasks such as manual visual inspections? With IDS NXT you can reliably automate such processes and assign your workers to other tasks.

Reduces development time

To train a neural network, only a comparatively small number of images are needed. During application development, you are supported by coordinated workflows and helpful tools such as the use case assistants and the block-based Editor.

Increases innovation potentials

With IDS NXT, you can create a proof of concept in a short time. This enables you to launch your products significantly faster - which secures important competitive advantages.

Reduces manufacturing costs

By using IDS NXT, you can detect errors early on in the product development process, avoid consequential errors and increase your product quality.

Sustainable and for all industries

AI can improve the use of resources in industry, transport, energy and waste management.

Quality Made in Germany

From camera hardware and the AI Vision Studio to support, IDS offers one-stop shopping.

Unique and easy

All-in-one system with perfectly coordinated components - ideal for getting started and using embedded vision with AI.

Can be integrated everywhere

The system can communicate with machines and controls via standardised interfaces.

Without prior knowledge

Which part is good, which is defective? Only your expertise in the application is required. You don't need any previous knowledge of deep learning or coding.

Always up to date

Free software updates expand your options with new methods and features.

AI Vision: All required components already included

IDS NXT is a holistic embedded vision system with AI that provides all the required tools and workflows. This means it demands

  • no setting up of a development environment,
  • no time-consuming search and purchase of accessories,
  • no prior knowledge of camera programming or Deep Learning!
You can see the IDS NXT camera together with all the components of the set: the cables, the licence and the lens.

How to work with IDS NXT

Discover now how the AI Vision system is designed.