Solve your challenges with image
processing and AI instead of classic,
rule-based programming.
What do you need?
The IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit.

It´s so easy! 

IDS NXT ocean combines perfectly matched components into a simple workflow. Everything is integrated, from image acquisition to image analysis on the camera with your self-created neural network as well as interfaces for passing on the results to machines.

Just start and be creative.
No prior knowledge of Deep Learning, no PC or coding necessary.



Capture training images with your IDS NXT camera.


Assign labels such as "good" or "bad".


Let IDS NXT lighthouse train your neural network.

Run AI.

Upload the finished neural network and start your application.

Get there fast -
Only your individual expertise matters .

Deep Learning without prior knowledge.

Save time and money with our know-how.

All components and tools are developed by IDS and perfectly matched to each other.   
Small, but oho!

The IDS NXT camera, a powerful embedded vision system for space- and cost-saving image processing without a PC.

Get results in milliseconds. 

The AI core "deep ocean" developed by IDS runs neural networks in a hardware-accelerated manner.

Free updates

Benefit from future free software and firmware updates.

Integratable into any application. 

Communicate with machines and controllers via OPC UA and REST.

Start immediately

Including the Vision Apps "Classifier" and and "Object Detection".

 How to´s

Comprehensive guiding videos assist you in the during set-up and execution.

Train neural networks without prior expertise.

The cloud-based training software IDS NXT lighthouse.

Simple workflow
Intuitive to use. Train CCNs in a few minutes 

Particularly safe
Your data belongs to you. 

Ready to use right away
Open the web application and log in. 

Perfectly matched
You decide how fast or accurate you want your system to be. 

One system - many applications.

Full industrial suitability and long-term availability à la IDS.

Spare parts detection - traffic flow analysis - package logistics - fill level control - weed detection - surface analysis - obstacle detection - condition monitoring - people density - face pixelation - pick & place - quality control - and many more.

The IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit

Everything included.
Low system price.
No hidden follow-up costs.
No automatic licence extensions.

Embedded Vision Device IDS NXT rome with “deep ocean” AI Core and 1.6 MP Sony CMOS colour sensor, Gigabit Ethernet cable, camera power supply with necessary adapters, tripod adapter, high quality 16 mm IDS lens, 6-month licence for the use of IDS NXT lighthouse.

Request or buy

*Special offer price valid until 31.12.2021, offer limited to Europe.
Max. 1 piece per B2B customer/company/professorship, excl. transport costs/taxes.

More information?

Schedule an appointment with an IDS employee now!

Turnkey solution needed? 

Want a fully integrated turnkey solution? Find it now in the visionpier AI marketplace.

Vision App Creator - For imaging professionals, but easy!

Simply create your own vision apps.

Developers, image processors and AI specialists can use the IDS NXT Vision App Creator to dive even deeper into the IDS NXT system and develop their own vision apps.

Multiple vision apps on one device

Run and swap multiple apps on your IDS NXT camera just like you would on a smartphone.

Use your own CNN

Use IDS NXT ferry to convert a CNN into an executable file format for IDS NXT cameras. Upload your trained network to the IDS NXT camera. Done.

Questions about the Vision App Creator? 

Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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