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IDS Software Suite for Linux 32-bit

Application note for installation

IDS-Software-Suite-32-64-Bit_EN.pdf (170.5 kB)

The IDS Software Suite is available as 32- and 64-bit driver. You do not know, which system you are using? In the application note above you get help to determine your system.

Operating system GigE uEye USB 2 uEye USB 3 uEye
Linux > Kernel 2.6 (32-bit) 4.81 / 4.81.1 4.81  
Linux ≥ Kernel 3.4 (32-bit) 4.81 / 4.81.1 4.81 4.81 / 4.81.1

IDS Software Suite 4.81.1

IDS, driver, Linux, Download, uEye industrial camera, IDS Software Suite, free

The IDS Software Suite 4.81.1 is released for the following camera models: UI-336xCP, UI-336xCP Rev. 2, UI-337xCP, UI-337xCP Rev. 2, UI-536xCP, UI-537xCP.
The modifications are listed in the ReadMe file.

IDS Software Suite 4.81

IDS, driver, Linux, Download, uEye industrial camera, IDS Software Suite, free

From driver 4.81 on, the USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2 camera family supports the new sequencer mode for fast parameter changes during image acquisition. The models UI-313x, UI-314x, UI-316x, and UI-318x now support multi AOI, IDS line scan and FPN correction.
The modifications are listed in the ReadMe file.

From driver 4.80 on, the behavior of the USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2's image memory has changed. For further information, read our application note "USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2: Internal image memory from driver version 4.80 on".

Below is a list of successfully tested distributions for the current IDS Software Suite:

  1. Debian 8.6
  2. Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS

Note on USB 3.0
These distributions were tested with a Kernel version ≥ 3.2. However, we recommend for a better USB 3.0 support a kernel version ≥ 3.4. At least a kernel version ≥ 3.13 is recommended for USB 3 uEye XC.

Add-On for Linux 32-bit

uEye Streaming Library

The uEye Streaming library provides an interface to set up a RTSP server for streaming images from an IDS industrial camera.

Before installation, read the hints in the ReadMe file.