We make the inference easy with IDS NXT ocean inference cameras

IDS NXT ocean

Using an intelligent camera has never been so easy

The all-in-one solution IDS NXT ocean provides you with everything you need to create your own inference camera. Focus on your application. It has thus the ability to apply "knowledge" acquired through deep learning to new data. Don't think about how to design or program your image analysis. With IDS NXT ocean, deep learning is easy to use. Work intuitively with images and load individual neural networks directly onto your IDS NXT industrial camera. AI is ready for your image processing application in no time.

You already have all the knowledge you need!

You know your application and what it should do best. This means you possess everything you need to be able to work with IDS NXT ocean immediately. The artificial intelligence that an IDS NXT camera uses does not require any classical programming or predefined rules. All you need is your expertise. With IDS NXT ocean you get a walkthrough solution with which our cameras learn to use your knowledge to solve tasks independently.

Fast inference platform represented by compact industrial cameras

IDS NXT cameras with deep ocean core

The IDS NXT camera families are fully-fledged standard industrial cameras whose functional range can be extended and modified thanks to vision apps. Their powerful hardware and software make them an excellent embedded vision platform, saving you space and costs for additional PC computing units. The special AI core "deep ocean core" developed by IDS hardware accelerates the execution of artificial neural networks and thus enables inference times of a few milliseconds. The performance of the inference camera is comparable to that of modern desktop CPUs in terms of accuracy and speed, while at the same time consuming much less energy.

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Training software for cloud-based deep learning

IDS NXT lighthouse - Cloud-based AI training software

With the intuitive to use IDS NXT lighthouse web application you can create your own neural networks for IDS NXT cameras in just a few minutes. You don't need any knowledge about deep learning or programming. All you need to train artificial intelligence is your application knowledge and sample images. The web application is realized with AWS on German cloud servers. This means that you do not have to install any software yourself. All your data and images are stored in high security German data centres.

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Simple workflow

It takes only a few steps from the image acquisition and handling of the training of the AI to the finished working inference camera. All components of IDS NXT ocean work together optimally and are provided as a one-stop solution. This makes it particularly easy and convenient for you as a user.

IDS NXT ocean: grab, label, train, run AI.

Get started right away!

With the complete AI package

With the IDS NXT ocean design-in kit you get everything you need to set up an inference camera for your application.

  • IDS NXT rio camera with 1.6 MP Sony colour sensor
  • Gigabit Ethernet cable
  • Camera power supply with necessary adapters
  • Camera tripod adapter
  • High quality 16mm Edmund Optics lens
  • 6-month license for the use of IDS NXT lighthouse


Order your design-in kit today and discover how easy AI can be.

IDS NXT ocean design-in kit