IDS NXT ocean

We make the inference easy

Using an intelligent camera has never been so easy

The all-in-one solution IDS NXT ocean provides you with everything you need to create your own inference camera. Focus on your application. It has thus the ability to apply "knowledge" acquired through deep learning to new data. Don't think about how to design or program your image analysis. With IDS NXT ocean, deep learning is easy to use. Work intuitively with images and load individual neural networks directly onto your IDS NXT industrial camera. AI is ready for your image processing application in no time.

Simple workflow

It takes only a few steps from the image acquisition and handling of the training of the AI to the finished working inference camera. All components of IDS NXT ocean work together optimally and are provided as a one-stop solution. This makes it particularly easy and convenient for you as a user.


Create training images and upload them to IDS NXT lighthouse


Assign labels (e.g. "good" / "bad") so that the AI can learn from your knowledge


Next, start the fully automatic training of your neural network

Run AI

Execute the trained neural network in your camera and start your application!

IDS NXT rome with deep ocean core
Cloud-basierte Trainingssoftware IDS NXT lighthouse
IDS NXT ocean Design in Kit

Get started right away!
With the complete AI package

With the IDS NXT ocean design-in kit you get everything you need to set up an inference camera for your application.

  • IDS NXT rio camera with 1.6 MP Sony colour sensor
  • Gigabit Ethernet cable
  • Camera power supply with necessary adapters
  • Camera tripod adapter
  • High quality 16mm Edmund Optics lens
  • 6-month license for the use of IDS NXT lighthouse

Order your design-in kit today and discover how easy AI can be.

IDS NXT ocean Tutorials

Make your own picture!

On our YouTube channel you will find many helpful videos about the possibilities and features of the IDS NXT ocean AI complete solution - from deep learning basics to the implementation of AI applications such as object detection and the integration of IDS NXT ocean into factory automation. Our video offer is continuously being expanded. Follow the channel so that you will be the first to know about new videos in the future!