Ensenso N series

Stereo 3D camera − Ingenious in 3 dimensions

Realtime 3D data with 30 fps at full resolution

Simple capture of textureless surfaces with integrated pattern projector

Multi-camera operation for object detection from different sides

Working distances up to 3,000 mm depending on model

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Ensenso X series

Ultraflexible 3D camera system

Projector unit with 100 W LED projector power and integrated GigE switch

Camera mounting brackets for working distances up to 5 m or volume up to 8 m³

Setup wizard for focusing and calibrating the 3D cameras

3D cameras for both stationary and moving objects

To the Ensenso X series:

Ensenso XR series

Powerful embedded 3D camera system

New XR projector unit with onboard processing

3D data for stationary or moving objects directly from the camera

Built-in front light facilitates calibration of the working environment

Camera mounting angle for working distances up to 5 m or volume up to 8 m³

To the Ensenso XR series: