Our camera families

The Ensenso S series from IDS.

Ensenso S series

Industrial-grade 3D quality for any application!

AI-based laser point pattern triangulation for high frame rate and accuracy

Fast and dynamic scenes without motion blur

Universal use in many applications

Robust 3D data even in low light conditions

Working distances up to 3,000 mm

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The Ensenso N series from IDS.

Ensenso N series

Stereo 3D camera − Ingenious in 3 dimensions

Realtime 3D data with 30 fps at full resolution

Simple capture of textureless surfaces with integrated pattern projector

Multi-camera operation for object detection from different sides

Working distances up to 3,000 mm depending on model

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The Ensenso C series from IDS.

Ensenso C-Series

Coloured 3D vision

RGB sensor for additional processing of colour information

High-luminosity LED pattern projector with 200 W power output

All components fully integrated in compact housing

Robust against shock and vibes

Large baselines for working distances up to 5 m or volumes up to 8 m³

Tailor-made and "ready to use" by factory

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The Ensenso X series from IDS.

Ensenso X series

Ultraflexible 3D camera system

Projector unit with 100 W LED projector power and integrated GigE switch

Fully modular with variable baseline for working distances up to 5 m or volume up to 8 m³

Setup wizard for focusing and calibrating the 3D cameras

3D cameras for both stationary and moving objects

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The Ensenso XR series from IDS.

Ensenso XR series

Powerful embedded 3D camera system

New XR projector unit with onboard processing

3D data of stationary or moving objects directly from the camera

Built-in front light facilitates calibration of the working environment

Camera mounting angle for working distances up to 5 m or volume up to 8 m³

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